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Head Golf Professional

Michael is a Class A professional that has been in the golf industry for 9 years, and a part of the Copper Creek team for over 10 years. Before joining the Academy at Copper Creek, he spent three years with the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy where he began to grow and develop as an instructor. Michael’s first real interaction with teaching came from renowned instructor Tom Jackson, Head Teaching Instructor at Core Golf in Orlando, Florida. The experience and knowledge that he gained from being a part of Core Academy is what has driven him to become a better instructor.

Michael is still an avid competitive golfer and believes that “playing under pressure” will better anyone’s game. He is the current course record holder at Copper Creek Golf Club with a score of 59. Throughout his playing career Michael has competed in many events across Canada and the United States and has won and placed in the top 3 in numerous events.

Come visit The Academy at Copper Creek and see how Michael and the rest of the Professional Team at The Academy can make your experience “Beyond the Ordinary”.

Michael Resciniti
Head Golf Professional

Ph: 905.893.3370

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